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    05 RXT Gauges, nozzle, strut and more

    I'm starting to think that Seadoos are crap jetskis.

    Fresh from my ordeal with the supercharger, I removed the gauges because there is moisture to find out there is now way to take it apart. Put it back in and now they don't work...sometimes that is. I know you are thinking, a lose wire. The thing is if I unplug it and plug it back it, after a few tries it works and stays working until you pull the lanyard off. If I want the gauges to work I have to pull out the gauges(again), unplug them, plug back in (sometimes a few times) and then it works again. If anybody has any information on this please let me know....and yes I know what's coming....a super expensive new dash. Maybe I should have stayed with my old 2 stroke Yamaha.


    I thought I'd add to the total comedy of today. As you know the gauges kinda work, pulled the fuse cover just to check the fuses and the locking tabs on the cover broke, then while closing the front compartment there was a snap sound as the bracket that holds the strut somehow bent and broke. Did a BS fix on it and headed out to the water, 3 minutes out and I pulled the reverse handle and went half throttle when there was an awful noise as the bucket came apart and took the steering cable with it causing the seapoo to start taking on water. I steered by putting my legs on the water and kept the rpm up to keep the bilge pumps going and got it on the trailer before it fully flooded.

    When you think you are having a bad day think if this thread, I went from having a strong running ski to a piece of crap in one day.

    Don't post "sorry to hear dude"....just go ahead and lets laugh together.

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    I hope your luck turns around!!!

    Here is a gauge cluster for your ski. You could also post a WTB in the classifieds.

    CLICK <<< maybe not the best seller though?

    Good Luck!!!

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