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    MSX 150 with strange problem

    Hey y'all, took the MSX 150 out for the first time this year and had a strange problem. Here is the setup: it was winterized in November (added fuel stabilizer, fogged it, put oil in the cylinders, full tank of gas, battery on tender, all rapped up in the back yard with two 100 watt light bulbs in the haul on a thermostat that turns the lights on when temp goes below 40° and turns them off when the temp goes above 45° (even though it has anti-freeze I still like to keep it above freezing). So I don't think it has anything to do with storage. MSX 150 has 260 hours on it.

    Took it out for the first time and it ran fine for the first hour and then it slowed down for a second, then would take off again, like it was not getting enough fuel. It got so bad that I drove it back to the boat house at about 18 miles per hour, that is all the faster it would go. No lights or anything and then all of a sudden it would kick in and take off and run fine for maybe three minutes or maybe 10 seconds, got it to the boat house and put it up on its floating dock.

    Thinking clogged fuel filter I took the filter loose and tied a string to it so I could shake it while it was running. When I started it up it was running OK, I can tell because you can hit the gas and if it goes above 3400 rpm it is running OK, but I have to idle out through the no wake zone (four minutes). When I got out on the lake and hit the throttle all it would do is 3400 rpm, shook the fuel filter every way I could and nothing. Took it back to the boat house and popped the the fuel hose off the injector housing thinking maybe it was the fuel pump but the housing was full. I checked all the connections and disconnected a bunch of them and reconnected them but none appeared to be loose or anything.

    So I gave up and got on it to drive it up on its berth and when I goosed it I almost went out the other end of the boat house, it was running again. Thinking if it sits and then you start it it will run I took it back out on the lake with the idea of turning it off when it slowed down, letting it sit for five minutes and starting it up again and seeing if it would run for a while thinking that would help y'all figure out what was wrong.

    Well, the problem would not happen again, no matter what I did. Run it, stopped it, and run it, go fast, go slow, it just ran fine.

    Any ideas what this could be. I will take it out again later today and see if it is still running.



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    Hi Lennie,

    Good to see you still have your ride.
    I'd look at fuel pressure, maybe the pump is starting to go?
    TPS maybe?

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