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    99 XL1200r throttle performance issue

    I am having problems with my 1999 xl1200r not going over 4200 rpm before dying/bogging down.
    It restarts but will not go full speed with out bogging out. I purchased this ski last season with a bad piston and cylinder. The oil line had come off. I installed a new piston and cylinder, cleaned the power valves, and installed clips. I also replaced the cat conv. with a dplate and sensor. Converted the ski to premix, and added a primer.
    Compression is 118 on all cylinders. I rebuilt the carbs and took it out for a test run at the end of last season, and had the bogging throttle issue. Over the off season decided to go through the carbs again, this time I drilled out the adj screws, rejetted, removed acceratror pump, and added after market FA. Took the ski out today, and it ran the same as before I did the last carb work. I also removed the gas tank flapper in case that was causing an issue, no help. If I pump the primmer when it is running it seems to have no effect on my bogging issues. I have checked the gas tank check valve and it is working correctly. I am thinking it is not a carb problem. This is my fourth 1200r I have rebuilt, and I have rebuilt a lot of carbs so I am familiar with this work. I also pulled the waterbox, and exhaust from the sensor to the ski output and found no blockages, very clean. I am replacing the fuel filter again, and going to try running on reserve setting of gas switch , see if that makes adiffernce. Any one else have any ideas, I could sure use some help here.

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    Ok, an update from today's ride on the water.Replacing the fuel filter, and switching the fuel selector knob to reserve had no effect. It still fails the same way. This time when I gave it more throttle and pump the primer at the same time the ski took off, as long as I could keep up with the primer pump. So now I am thinking I have a fuel delivery problem. Not sure what to do now. Any ideas?

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    This is my first real attempt at help so be gentle and wait for someone else to confirm. OKay, here it goes, double check and make sure your fuel feed and return lines are not crossed. And I'm done. Thanks.

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    New Mikini carb rebuild kits fixed my problem. Lesson learned no off brand kits for me! Thanks for everyone's help.

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