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    Question Vipec ?

    G/H buds,

    Good morning, i just got a few questions we just installed the vipec on my cousins SHO and everything works fine we did notice tiny bite of lag on throttle response but thats obvious he need inj. & map sensors however, is there any way to up the RPM's on the bike manually or does it have to be by loadng a map? if so does anyone have a link on how to load the maps or manually raise rpm's? I also notice the bike is running too rich so we got to lower the FPR to 65 lbs because its @ 70 lbs right now on stock inj's. So far seems like a good system i am gonna search for instructions on how to data log the bike so send it t Rob so he can take a look @ it as well... Thanks in advance for your help & have a great & safe memorial day weekend!

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    Hi Hemiboy, you will find this site extremely helpful to you

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