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    1995 slt 750

    Ok i have an issue on my father in law jeski. I know for sure is electricity. There no electricity going to the starter, but is do to a burn cable that goes inside the place where the flywheel is. I don't know if you guys understand what i mean. Well my question is. How do i remove the flywheel on this jetski?

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    Is your burned wire originally a black wire? Does it go all the way from the electrical box (on top of the battery) all the way under the engine and into the flywheel housing near the starter? If so... that's the ground wire for the stator and an all-too-common victim of the metal electrical box shorting to the positive terminal on the battery. This happened on the ski I bought...

    Do a search on "burned stator wires" in this Polaris section. Lots of good info there.

    As for removing the flywheel. It can be done in the hull... but is a real pain. Might need to move your fuel tank forward to give yourself room. Do a search for "removing flywheel".

    Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by cubajorge2008 View Post
    ...How do i remove the flywheel on this jetski?
    Sorry, if you can't remove a carb, you can't remove the flywheel. You are better off taking it to a repair shop.

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