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    98 GSXL stock won't start

    The carbs were rebuilt 6 seasons ago and all fuel lines changed - the ski ran fine for 6 flawless seasons. PTO cylinder flooding with fuel. When I remove the spark plugs to check compression, mag cylinder fine, but PTO cylinder is shooting fuel. I removed the carbs and brought to a shop to have them rebuilt, reinstalled carbs and same issue. Can it be anything other than a carb problem?

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    i had the same issue on my project ski. for me it turn out to be a combo of problems.

    1st, the carbs needed a rebuild. since you did this already it is most likely not your problem.
    2nd, my fuel vent check valve was stuck closed. as the pressure built in the tank, it pushed fuel past the needle and seat flooding one cylinder.

    you also need to get the excess fuel out of the cases before you go adding more fuel to try and start it. otherwise it is in a constant state of flood. there are several ways to do this. one is to shut the fuel off and keep cranking it till it stops gushing. but this will put alot of wear on your stater.

    another is to leave the plugs out during the day (not night as the condensation will cause more issues) and make sure the flooded piston is all the way down. this opens the ports allowing the fuel to evaporate. if both cylinders are flooded or the one is really bad, you need to remove the carbs and reed valves also and then let it sit.

    once its dry, you should not have any problems. if it continues then you have either a leaking needle and seat or a bad fuel check valve.

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    You won't be able to blow through the check valves either with your mouth. But if there is pressure built up, you will open the needle and seat as bunkerking said.

    You can try opening the gas cap and seeing if this goes away, will tell you if your tank isn't venting.

    Just because the PTO is leaking, would show you that it has the lower pop off which is not a big deal.

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