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    Help with rideplate install

    I just got a good deal on a rideplate from ebay. Well I just went to put it on and the trailer bunks are covering the bolts. Has this happened to anyone else and what did you do? I have some ideas but wanted to get some more input. thanks

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    Pull the ski back and just let your ski balance off the end of the trailer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markb47 View Post
    Pull the ski back and just let your ski balance off the end of the trailer
    Uhh..if youa re going that route, please put a couple of jackstands under the back of the trailer so you don't get crushed if as you try to pull the rideplate off and tip the trailer onto you.

    For added peace of mind, leave it hooked up to your tower with safety chains on.

    I nver forgot the pics of the guy that got caught in thr throat by the shith couple when he unhooked a traielr with a coulple of back heavy skis on it.

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