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    Question Stuck at 6000 RPM's

    Yesterday my 2006 Waverunner was running fine and today I changed the oil. After I changed the oil, I filled it up and put in the water and now it will no longer accelerate past 6000 RPM's. The acceleration seems to be a little sluggish.
    Does anyone know what I and how to fix the problem?

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    might be to much oil i lost some speed after a service and ther was to much oil in it

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    Thanks and I just rechecked the oil level.

    The dip stick reads 1/2 way between the F&L. Normally at full throttle it will run at 8000 rpm but now for some reason it stop right at 6000 rpm and is a little sluggish getting to this point. It will no longer accelerate past the 6000 RPM. This equal about half the normal top speed.

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