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    Low speed jet stuck

    Just found one of my low speed jet is stuck does anyone know how to get it out I have it in Crc trying to lossen it

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    They're real easy to stick since they're so darn narrow. I did this years ago and still run that carb on my ski.

    You can pull off the cap on the exact opposite side of the carb body and you will see the end of the needle where it is stuck in the seat. Spray some PB Blaster in there and let it soak for a while, then try to gently turn it out. More than likely it's going to break off, so you're going to have to drill it out.

    If I had to do it all over again, I'd have replaced the carb. Once you drill it out, the low speed needle never quite seats the same way. You end up having to be real careful with the setting.

    Just this weekend I noticed that cylinder running very hot. I pulled the carb rack and checked a bunch of things, and noticed I didn't have that screw turned out the extra 3/8 turn that I usually do, simply because of the boogered-up seat.

    Good luck!

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    is it a stuck jet or adjuster?

    if it the jet I have drilled them and used an ez-out to extract. some have been so bad i had to drill to tap size and re-tap the hole.

    stuck adjusters are an even bigger pain to remove, but I have done it using pretty much the same procedure described above.

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    Yeah low speed adjuster i have tried just about every thing and it is real stuck and the easy out has snaped off inside now so i have realy stuffed it now.
    Do you guys know any one having one for sale its the carb with the accel pump on the side.
    It was the last one i did after speeding heaps of time rebuilding it and found that i was pretty gutted.

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    It's a fairly common thing to find a set of carbs with stuck adjusters. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don't. Here's a few pics on one set I got lucky with. Ignore the rusty vice grips and other odds and ends in the pics.....stuck adjusters make you pull out the bag of "special tools" sometimes...

    Basically, what you want to do is throw up a wanted to buy ad in the classifieds for a carb body.
    Good Luck
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    Yeah thanks i will do that. I have drilled out as much as i can and needle is still not moving.

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