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    yamaha fx160 vs kawi 15f

    hey guys looking at a few options to buy my first ski,
    ive got 14k to spend just would like some opnions..
    ive riden the 15f but not the fx,how does the fx160 highoutput ride?

    i want reliability but with options for a few minor mods,
    mainly ocean riding, from time to time might fish from it?

    who reckons best ski bang for my buck?
    fuel consumption?
    notice power difference?


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    I have never rode the 15f so i cant compare the 2 but i did own a 2008 fxho.
    The fxho is a great ski in the chop, it has plenty of power, very stable and is very easy to run i was getting around 5-6 hours to a tank.
    The only downside to the fxho is that there isnt alot of mods that you can do but if you get a 2008 model it has the advantage of the nano-excel hull which makes a difference from the previous models as it is alot lighter.

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    The Yamaha is a much larger ski, will do significantly better in the chop. Speeds will be similar. If you are at all "tall", the Yami will fit you better, as the Kawi is a smaller, older design. I'm a SeaDoo rider, but I say its the Yamaha all the way!

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