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    1996 XP Jet Pump Rebuild (I need pointers)

    I have just become a member on here and I know that this has already been posted but I am going to ask again. I have a 1996 XP that I have had for a few years now and it is time to rebuild the jet pump on it. and well my question it worth taking it in to get it done or just do it myself???
    Local shops want to charge me $300 for labor + (plus) the price for parts. how much would a shop charge for something like this and how much could the parts run me??

    I am very capable of turning a wrench, so if I were to do it myself, could anyone give me a breakdown of the parts I would need to complete the job?? and possibly were I can find them and maybe a price list.

    Well since I have ya'll reading my post I might as well see what some of you think...I am planning on adding a new intake grate and possibly a new impeller, which brands and pitch(I wanna add a little more hole shot and just a little more top end) should I go with?? what do ya'll like??

    And as far as other mods what else could be added that wont really cost a ton and wont effect the reliability of the machine???

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    Here is a source for rebuild kits. It is kit #2.
    But he is going on vacation till the end of june and probably will not be able to get your parts shipped before he leaves, but he does break down what parts are included and most of the sea doo part numbers. What parts you will need are completely dependent on how bad your pump is worn.

    The impellers are a pia to get off the shaft sometimes. Requires a big vise and long cheater pipe.

    As for other mods, i haven't done any thing yet, but it seems like prok f/a's and carb rejet plus impeller and nozzle changes seem to be the preferred methods while still maintaining reliability.

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