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    what trailer would suit my needs?

    Ok so I have a gp1300r and a blaster and a standup. We just put the standup in the back of the truck and the gpr and blaster on the trailer for now.

    We drive from NJ up to my house in NY and its 6 hours eachway so i want a trailer that will be able to handle this trip. MY brother also has a gp1300r so i would like to be able to have it handle the folowing.

    The trip to NY
    2 gp1300r on the rear bunks and then put bunks going across the trailer for the blaster when we both go up there or when its just me going be able to put the gp and the blaster on the rear spots and up front put 2 dirtbikes going across. and for all these just put the stand up in the truck.

    Should I be looking into a dual axle boat trailer and convert it or is there a ski trailer out there that can handle this do you think?

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    there are four place trailers out there...check out the trailer classifieds, you should find something....

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