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    99 xl1200 problem

    Yesterday, when I first took the jetski out, I was still running about half throttle and something popped toward the rear of the ski. Now, it will not move past idle speed no matter how fast the engine is reved up. The engine seems to be working fine, but there is no propulsion. Sounds like there is some metal pieces turning (grinding) on each other. When it happened, it was like the transmission in a car went out, got power jus no-go.

    Does anyone know what might have happened? I just need to know where to start looking since I have never taken that part of the ski apart.


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    Does anyone have any idea where to start looking for this problem?


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    just pull the pump out, start there.
    if you have never swung a spanner on a ski heres your steep learning curve.
    disconnetc the steering, reverse and trim and then 5 bolts to release the pump.

    being an old yamaha you may find the drive shaft has corroded itself into the coupler and may need to be cut in half with a grinder.

    the reason dealers dont want to work on the old stuff

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    Sounds like stripped splines. You need to pull your pump off and look at the drive shaft. If the spines are toast you will need a new driveshaft obviously, and a new intermediate shaft since that goes bad at the same time.

    If you have never done it before, pulling the pump is very easy to do.

    Bren is correct that if the shaft is corroded then it will be hard to pull out of the intermediate shaft, but you wont know until you try. A lot has to do with if it was a fresh or salt ski, and probably some luck. You may need to give it a few whacks and twirls.

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    Okay, so I'm just now trying to tackle this problem. The pump and mid shaft/bearing assembly came out quite easily. The splines are toast, so I'm planning to replace both shafts and bearings. I have managed to get the pump torn down, but I'm having a heck of a time getting the coupler off of the intermediate shaft. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to hold it without buying a intermediate shaft holder (I have bought enough single use tools)? I've tried putting the intermediate in a bench vise, but it won't grip it tight enough to allow me to break the coupler free.

    I thought about putting the drive shaft into the coupler and torquing down on the drive shaft with a bench vise, but the splines are so far gone I cannot get any bite on it to hold the intermediate shaft in place. Any ideas, tips or tricks anyone could share, I'd appreciate it.


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    Try the vise again, but use lots of heat from a torch?

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