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    PWC died wont turn over HELP

    Hi, I have a 1996 sl700. I was riding today when all of a sudden the engine died and it would not start back up. After disconnecting the battery and pressing the reset button I was able to run it back home. Now it won't even turn over.I press the start button and nothing happens. The battery is at 12.3 volts. I noticed that the second ground wire coming from the electrical box was melted in some parts. I am not sure if the ignition was updated. The #'s on the ignition box are OR CDI 105 552 03. What should I do? What should I check?

    Please help

    I am going to attach a new wire where it was melted. I don't think that this will do anything but I will try.


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    Is the plastic top cover for the battery missing, or out of place?

    It sounds like the electrical box shell has been touching and shorting to the battery posts.

    The presence of the thin black wire to the battery negative implies that you have the original ignition system, not the Update Kit.

    Repair the melted Black wire, and carefully check every other Black wire, inside and outside the electrical box.

    Pay particular attention to the cable bundle that runs from the electrical box to the flywheel housing at the front of the engine.

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    Thanks. The plastic cover is missing. Today while I was trying to reconnect the battery I was getting shocked pretty bad from the positive terminal and also the electrical box. I replaced the thin black wire and it still wouldn't start and then all of a sudden it starts and runs fine. I will check for the wires going to the starter. So, It was shorting out because the box somehow was in contact with one of the battery terminals? How do I prevent this without a cover?

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    you need to check in side your e box, and look at your cdi.. on both sides.. it could have a hole burned threw it.. you need the plastic cover between the battery and ebox or you will short it out..

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    Make a cover! i made one out of cardboard with a rubber piece that fitted the top all the way across and the use black electrical tape to cover everything up. I have a pic of it for ya.

    make it out of carboard pieces and tape them together around the battery half way down. use the battery out of the ski as your templete. you could have it made in 30 mins watching tv..

    I made it for my slt because i didnt have one. it works fine, just tape it so the cardboard isnt showing anywhere, even the inside all over it. or else if it gets wet, youll have a mess.

    good enough until you can buy or find or make a good one. cut the spots for the electrical wires and tape that area too because you will carboard exposed again.. little back woodsy but hry it works for now..

    here's some pics of the top,bottom and holes for the electrical.. sorry to hear you got shocked, that sucks..ouch!
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    yep check ALL wires everything for burning , melting, dicconnecting,loose, adjacent burnt wires. connections, clean any burned spot till you get to metal.. guess you didnt use the red and black caps on the positive wire and the ground wire hey? if they were on, that wouldnt of happened. there there for a purpose! to prevent accidental touching of metal.(the e box) they include the top for safety to ensure that doesnt happen.

    chech the battery again for good charge or volts to make sure nothing happened to it also.

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    Thanks I will check every wire and ground. i will also make a cove for the battery. I have been running the ski without a cover for 1 year and never had this problem. Why would it start today?

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