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    700 slt low compression?

    Hey all,
    I came home to a broke down 96 700 slt, the kids took it out of storage while i was away and said it ran great all weekend (which may or may not be true) untill it ran out of gas and would not restart. I think that they tried to ride the starter home as it is burned up at the red cable. I undid the exhaust to remove starter then thought i should check the compression before rebuilding the starter. Both cylinders read 5 or 10lbs. (my tester readings start at 50lbs.) I tried with opposite plug both in and out and could only turn engine by hand. Do I have bigger problems than just the starter? this engine was fully rebuilt 1 1/2 years ago so there is not many hours on it (Canadian summers are much to short!) Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Waub-watch

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    Are you saying that you did a compression test just by turning the engine over by hand? You need to use the starter and a fully charged battery to get it to spin anywhere near fast enough to build compression to test. Replace that starter and try again. Getting 5-10 by hand is a good sign though, if there was a hole you would get nothing!

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    Thanks for the info, i'll get the starter rebuilt.

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