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    2003 MSX 140 Cracked Injector

    New to the forum, so thanks first off. I have a 2003 MSX 140 with 30 hours on it and took it to the lake and ran great for about 20 mins. Then it stumbled and died. Removed the seat and smelled fuel, cranked engine over and noticed fuel leaking from the injector. Removed rear most injector and discovered it has a crack on the body of the injector itself. Pulled plugs and same cylinder plug is carbon fouled. Is it normal for injectors to crack?

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    No, it is not common for injectors to crack. It can happen, but not very often.

    Were the injector bolts still snug?
    Was one bolt broken?

    You can purchase a replacement injector kit from any Polaris PWC dealer or Polaris OEM parts source.

    Polaris PWC Parts Sources

    You will need a special computer cable in order to update the EMM after you install the replacement injector.

    The injector kit comes with a special floppy disc, that can only be used for that injector.

    Any Polaris dealer that services Ficht engines would have the necessary cable.

    You can make your own cable, and do it all yourself, see below

    Polaris Ficht Fuel Injected Engines

    How to make your own Ficht EMM Communications cables (2872454 & PW-45776 equivalent)

    When you install the replacement injector, be careful to not over-torque the bolts. And make sure the fat O-ring is in place on top of each injector. It is critical.

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    There is a possibilty that the bolts were lose it does vibrate alot for sure. But cracking the main body seems odd to me and any older laptop with a serial port will work. Of course windows 98 and older. Which we have. But there is no special software other then the provided disk. Are the flow rates that different between injectors.

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    Have a look at the post on the "140 Motor Failure' I think it is and K posted a really good rightup all about this topic. and msx power lose under load

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    In 2003 SOME of the Direct Injected watercraft(Virage I,Genesis I and MSX 140) did have some cracked injectors. 99.9% of the time this crack was ONLY cosmetic and did not leak or cause any problem. What happened who knows but Polaris only would have made good on this in the first year of warranty.

    Where is yours cracked? Do you have a picture? Did you or anyone you know have this injector off for service(injector replacement,head replacement,engine or cylinder replacement etc....)


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