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    Real bad cavitation after adding 1 Deg wedge and Riva Ridw plate

    followed all the directions for removing and adding the 1 degree wedge and Riva Ride plate.for the Greenhulk site.

    Removed both the grate and OEM ride plate. Cleaned all the old sealant.

    1 added the wedge
    2. connected ride plate to reverse and bolted on the ride plate
    3. bolted on the grate
    sealded all the out sideseams.

    The reverse does not want to operate properly when engaged.
    I did not change any set-up when putting it back

    the cavitation is really bad in low speed and turning.

    At top end it seems to be running smoothly.

    Should there have been some addtional sealing I missed that is causing the problem?


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    is the thick portion of the wedge on the bottom?

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    wedge shows arrow poining UP

    placed wedge in pump with the up side on top.

    The arrow and directions show up.

    I was wondering if there should have been more sealant on the isnide of the grate before placing it back on the ski.

    the reverse shild come down pretty far

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    Why did you remove the intake grate to switch out the ride plate?
    If you did not get it sealed properly when you put it back on, that is probably where your cavitation is coming from. You don't have to remove the intake grate to change the ride plate and install a wedge.

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    removal and sealing grate

    I removed the grate to get a better look at the impellar.

    When sealing back up the grate , i guess it needs some pretty heavy

    thick sealant on the backside facing the rideplate. What is causing the

    cavavitation from the grate?

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    I suspect your prop was trashed before, then you added horse power and it shows more now then before.

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    not sure about the added horsepower?

    How does adding wedge and ride plate add to horse power. There were some small nicks in the impellar, so these mods have exaggerated this to become cavitation at the start. Going to try to reseal the grate.

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    Sorry reread your post.

    All good then.

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