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    Finally got to take out my skis

    Well, I purchased my skis in January and have been dying to get them out on the water ever since. My girlfriend had extensive knee surgery and was unable to ride until now. I was very impressed with both of the skis. The acceleration on the X is very strong and it edges out the regular RXP on top end which is expected. Also the X hole shotted way better and the mid range was great. It only had 3 hours on it so I was laying off the throttle just a tad. Im going to order a new intake grate before i go back out and see how the ski does. No GPS numbers on either ski but I was showing around 8040 RPMs on my X with about 80 water temp and 85 air.

    These machines are way better than my old 2005 Aquatrax R-12X. The honda seemed to bounce on top of the waves while the sea doo cuts through the water alot better. Really stable ski and very predictable.

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    Congrats on the new skis! I'm sure you will really enjoy many hours to come with them.

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