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    checking for boost leak

    OK guys. I wanna check the system for a boost leak so I have a cap with air nozzle to inflate the system.

    I want to put the air hose on the piping that comes out from the supercharger. Does the throttle body completely seal or will i have to put a cap on before the throttle body.

    setup is 07 rxt, x waterbox and freeflow exhaust, with x-charger with pro series impeller, 82mm nozzle, riva gen 2 cooler, riva bov, riva ecu, 14/19 and turning 8260. 71.1gps with 10 psi boost. should be seeing approx 13lbs at 8550.

    BTW also have some "swelling" of the intercooler which is a possible area for a boost leak.

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    When I do a leak check I put a cap over the inlet to the supercharger with a fitting in it. Pull the j-pipe off and cap the exhaust manifold. Then hook up the compressor to the cap on the charger and pressure up till i get to 18 pounds on the boost guage. That way you check the whole intake system from the charger to the intake manifold.

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    Hmmm. Never thought about hooking up to the j-pipe cause that would indeed test the intake mani.

    does the throttle body seal the intake manifold from the intake piping?

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    no it doesn't seal.

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    well then gotta look for a cap so that i can cap off the exhaust manifold and then test.

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    Boost Leak Update

    Tested for boost leak at piping to intercooler. Found a leak at the BOV (corroded open). Inflated to 12 psi and didn't find any leaks at throttle body or couplers.

    Will put a plate on BOV opening and test on water.

    I truly hope this is the only source of the leak.

    Only getting 71.1 mph, 10 psi with x charger with riva pro series impeller, riva ecu with 50's @ 8250. X intercooler, x waterbox and free flowing exhaust. 14/19, 82mm nozzle. Ski is an 07RXT.

    Any more suggestions?

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