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Thread: Clueless newb

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    Clueless newb

    I'm looking to buy a couple of PWCs but the only thing I know about them is they go on water. I really don't know what I want so I thought I would buy some cheap ones to play around on this summer and figure it out before I spend a big chunk of change and regret it. Here's what I've found on CL, any thoughts and input is greatly appreciated.

    a couple that need work, I'm a decent backyard mechanic.

    and others ready to go

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    Welcome to the forum.

    I wouldn't waste my money buying some throw away.

    Find a dealer with on water demo rides....go have a blast and find what you really want.

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    +1, why buy someone else's problem...
    play it safe and get a modern 4 stroke with a transferrable warranty; after all, the PWC experience is all about being on the water.

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    Used ones wouldn't be a throw away, I have plenty of friends and family that are always here. They would put them to good use. I'll look into newer ones with 4 stroke engines. I didn't know there was such a thing. Like I said, I know nothing about them.

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