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    Exclamation Clicking siloniods and gages going nuts

    I replaced My Battery because it drained it self . so i charged it last night and went to hook up the positive and i started to hear what sounded like my fuel pump click on and off so i waited a minute and realized the key was not on the lanyard and the gauges registered and went down as usual as it was in the ski..... now as it sits there with the battery hooked up it acts like im putting the lanyard on and taking it back off when i'm not!

    I can hear from the brain i guess where the fuses are a slight shorting sound right before the fuel pump comes back on to pressurize and the gauges go back to the top and back to resting position like im putting the key in and im not ....but when i do it starts right up and runs perfect.

    so for now im recharging the battery and have the positive cable off so it doesn't sit there and click on and off all day?

    Anyone have this dilemma? sounds to me like a relay problem of some sort or a short in something? or bad landyard switch?

    ive already takin off the cover for the starter switch to see if it was sticking but its doing the same thing and nothing is wrong with it it seems .....every time i click it it starts no prob,but that doesnt seem to be my problem.

    im not sure if the land yard switch it self is bad and making a connection that would make it look like the key is in and then not .... HELP! I WANNA GO RIDE!

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    Well try this. 1st off remove the neg side of battery while working on it the pos side can stay on. They say always lift the neg not the pos. sounds like the relay is hung up. I just replace a relay on a gti 2 stroke. the way I confirmed the relay was bad was by installing a battery that was good 100% and left the neg off. take the 2 cables comin in on the relay and put then on the same post{the post from source of power} and tighten that nut up. take the neg. and stick it to the NEG battery. If it starts spinning the motor then the relay is bad.

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