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    2006 rxp oil codes, need help bad.

    Hello all,
    The thing is, I have a 2006 RXP and have an oil problem.
    I have two codes coming up, P0520 & P1502 and I have measured the oil pressure, and it seems to be excessive, about 85-95 psi.
    (I cant find normal psi ops range for 2006)

    I have done a search on here, and found alot of info on the older models, up to 2005, but not so much on the 2006.

    I have done alot, Ive checked oil level, replaced the oil pressure switch, checked the wire from the switch to the ECM, checked continuity from wire B-9 and 2-2.
    Removed and checked the oil pressure regulator, removed the TOPS valve, opened it up and cleaned it.
    Installed an ECM and MPEM from another RXP and still it throws codes as soon as I connect the lanyard. (and yes the codes have been erased with BUDS, and the P0520 code comes on and goes away)

    So to me, it seems like there is some blockage in the lubrication system that could be building up so much pressure.

    I have not looked at the oil pumps, nor the screens at the inlet of the pumps, seems to me that the pressure would be lower if the inlet of the pumps were clogged.

    So as you can see, there has alot been done, but i am still at square 1.

    Please guys, if you have any input on this or an idea:

    Thank you.


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    Have you ever had a supercharger ceramic washer failure?

    I think you're at the point of pulling the pumps and screens but someone with more knowledge will probably chime in with a more appropriate suggestion.

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    I had the same problem, but after replacing the pressure regulator, the pressure dropped and the issue went away. In my case, the regulator was sticky and putting a new one in resolve my issues.

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    Thank you guys, I appreciate your help.

    Here is how we stand now:
    Ive replaced the harness from the MPEM to the ECM and I can now clear the codes with the BUDS, but still there is a problem.

    When the engine is at idle, everything is OK, no codes or nothing.
    When I rev it fast up to hig RPM nothing happens.

    But when I increase the throttle gradually and when the rpm goes over 4000RPM it starts to beep constantly and OIL is showing on the display, and the code P1502 also.
    And when I remove the lanyard and re-install it, all is gone away.

    Please guys, if anyone has any thoughts on this, it would be alot of help.
    This is pretty difficult here is Iceland.

    Thank you all.


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    If I remember right there is an oil pressure regulator in the bottom of the PTO that needs to be torqued to factory spec. If the bolt is overtorqued the regulator spring and piston can be damaged and oil pressures will be affected.
    just a quick thought

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    this just happened to me, and i changed out the oil pressure regulator with a new,and when i removed it, the piston was all worn out, i did this twice,first i cleaned it up and it did not work ,now i just installed evrything new ,springs ,piston sleve ,we are good to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks guys for your input.
    We are going to replace the pressure regulator as per your input.
    But the dealer here in Iceland doesnt carry anything on stock so its on order from the USA. So hopefully by the end of the week we should have the regulator and we will install it as soon as it shows up, and I will let you know how it goes.

    Thanks again guys.

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