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    2002 GPR Question

    I just blew my motor in my 2002 GPR and obviously the oil pump stopped working and seized one cylinder and screwed up the crankshaft. Does anyone know were the best place would be to buy a whole short block or even a long block bc the stator also got messed up.

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    i dont know that there are many places that sell complete engines other than SBT and a few other small internet places. Most on here say their quality sucks but no personal experience.

    By the way, how do you know the oil pump failed? Usually it is an oil line that falls off at the carb, but a pump failure would be very rare. If all oil lines are still attatched I wouldnt be surprised if something else caused the problem,

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    im not positive that the oil pump failed but what happened was when i tore it down the other day i pulled the stator off and it was torn to pieces and i didnt know what caused it but lookin further one of the pressed rivots tht hold the flywheel on had cracked and was flying around in the housing so i might of damaged the oil pump some how bc only one cylinder was messed up as well as the crank on tht same cylinder it. It actually scarred the bottom of the block and the actaul bearings are siezed in tht one.

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