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    pulled the plugs today and..............

    2 out of the three coils or tubes that go over the plugs were cracked!!! what caused it and is it important to replace them? I was told that those parts cost 97$ each!!!! wtf???

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    Do you ride in saltwater and/or rinse your engine off with water? Yes, you will need to replace the coils.

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    likely coil got wet when hot and cracked. happens a lot with washing engine bay.

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    One of my coils has the same exact problem. I took off the cover and it's been running perfectly fine for about 30 or so hours...that's just my experience tho.

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    i ride in salt and rinse under the seat after every ride and spray with 656 also, im pretty diligent with my after ride care. However i did have a buddy that removed his plastic cover and said i could do the same which i did.................. wondering if this could have caused this??? it runs fine now and it isnt like they could get more cracked!!

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    Take off all the cracked parts including the metal sheath that is under the cracked bit of plastic and go get some heat shrink that will fitt over the coils. Cut it to the same length as the cracked plastic, shrink it on and your golden. Cost about $5 to fix them and a bit of time, it is only insulation at the end of the day.

    My pal had issues with his RXP that was throwing a Coil fault code, we found the cracked coils and I repaired them as I said and they have been fine ever since. R88

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