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    fi light coming on and cutting boost and fuel 03 r12x

    Hi guys I am new to this forum, and relitivly new to pwc's. This 03 r12x was bought last week and run on the first day for 2hrs with no problem. I changed the oil with amsoil 10-40 marine and a hp1010 k&n filter, didnt overfill it that I can see. Took 4.5 qts out with evac pump and replaced it with the new oil. Took it out this weekend and after one heck of a spill over a massive wave it still ran decent, buddies sea do was not running so good so we pulled both boats out of the water, after fixing his mine started having issues. Fi light came on and warning sounded, so I shut it off and checked the intake grate and pump for debree, it was clean. Got it home and checked the code and I believe it came up two long lights and five short blinks (if this is even a possibility) and I am guessing code 25 (knock sensor). I cleared it successfully i think bc the warning light and fi light came on constant before i pulled the lanyard, which i take to mean cleared.
    The boat then acted up again after 30 min of good running and is doing the same thing again. It seems that it drops to around 5100 rpm and then throws the code, therefore dropping it to 3k rpm.... i am perplexed, I love this ski but I need it to be dependable. I crc656'd the wastegate rod and i can push it to the front of the ski, and it no lockup here. The gas is 93 and ski is stock, help!!!!!!!!!

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    Hey, it sounds like I am in the same boat/jet ski as you. Mine is acting the same way. Take a look at my posts. Did you ever fix it?

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    Here at honda when the knock sensor goes off we replace the knock sensor and the ecm! Yes thats right i said ecm! You can replace the knock sensor but it will still throw a code after that! If you replace the ecm you can get rid of the fi light! There are some tests you might want to do before you do that. First check your fuel pump see if your getting the right voltage to your fuel pump. Your only going to get the voltage reading when you put the landyard on! You only get voltage for a few seconds then it stops! If the ski passes this test then replace knock sensor and ecm!

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