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    Angry Recall on '09 260x?


    Just bought a new '09 260x. Dealer would not release until they checked to see if the water intake reducer was installed at the factory. Apparently, several of these models were missing the reducer. Hopefully, this will answer some of your problems.

    I currently have 6 hrs. on the ski and just realized that it is only running on 3 cylinders. Cylinder 2 is dry and I am hoping that it is just an injector. It actually runs decent on 3 cylinders. I didn't notice it at first because I was trying to be cautious for the first 5 hrs. I'm taking it back tomorrow...WTF!

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    Here we go again

    I took my PWC back today. Dealer showed me that a prong on the injector was severely bent from the factory. After it was corrected they told me everything passed diagnostics. I took it back to the water today and I am still experiencing the same problem. Anyone have any ideas? I am definitely taking it back, but I want to know what the hell is going on.

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    Not sure if this is it or not but my 07 250 used to go through spark plugs like crazy. I couldn't even tell which plug was bad (they all looked good)but replace all 4 and volia ski ran great again.

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    I rotated plugs to eliminate a plug problem. It is definitely a fuel problem in cylinder #2. I'm assuming that the injector is still bad. Thank you for your thoughts.

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    Recall on '09 260x?

    If you think it's an injector problem, try swtiching them around. it's simple enough to try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott View Post
    If you think it's an injector problem, trying swtiching them around. it's simple enough to try.

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    Agreed! or even just try unplugging #2 and see if the ski runs the same.

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    put 12 volts directly to the injector, it maybe stuck, that will free it up if it is, just use like speaker wire or something similar................. it doesnt matter which side has which current

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    hmm recall? i havent gotten anything in the mail about this, but havent been in for service yet

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    When I requested documentation on the recall, they claimed that it was on the early 2010 models... not the 2009. I'm losing faith in my dealer who has a great local reputation, especially the service department.

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