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    Once a project, always a project...

    Hey guys, I've been having issues with my 98 GSX Limited, but first of all, I'll show you a couple of pictures of what I did to it over the winter/early spring:


    After intense buffing, painting plastic parts, replacing the bumpers, covering the seat:

    This should be an epic first post, lol.

    Now, down to business. The ski has around 150 hrs on it. I rebuilt the carbs over the winter and put in Bill's jet kit, along with Prok filters.

    I took it to the lake for Memorial day weekend, where I normally have to leave it in the water all weekend. 3 hours after it was sitting in the water, I would estimate that it had around 10 gallons of water in it (no, it wasn't taking on water while I was riding it at the time). I proceeded to bilge it out every 4 hours until the next morning when I rode it a bit and tried to get it tuned up.

    When I would hit the gas it would wait and then shoot out of the water like a bat out of hell, and also when cruising along at lower speeds it was running rough. I took this to mean it was running a bit rich, so I leaned it up about 1/8th turn at a time, and nothing seemed to be changing. Finally, I did a short high speed run (probably the 10th one I did that morning) and it hit about the same RPMs it normally did, but then dropped RPMs. After that, I could repeat the same thing. Highspeed, normal RPMs, then drop about 3-5 seconds later. Then I looked down (I had the seat off) and an exhaust bolt was perched right on top of the rear carb! It sheared right off.

    I quit riding it after that, and the next day I noticed that it was taking on water while riding it (the bailers are all intact), and there were a lot of waves, but I didn't push it hard.

    Now, after thinking about it later, I'm pretty sure that the exhaust bolt breaking is due to the fact that there wasn't a nut on the one exhaust stud (dumb, I know), as it was on the bottom side. And, from what I've read, I probably need a new exhaust bushing.

    Also, I put the ski on a lift while it still had a lot of water in it, and couldn't see that it was leaking out anywhere, and it sat there for a good few hours and still didn't have any less water in it.

    For those of you who didn't have the patience to read all of that (I don't blame you at all):

    -Large water leak while sitting.

    -Exhaust bolt broke.

    -Loses RPMs after 3-5 seconds.

    -Now taking on water while under way.

    Any hints on this progression? I have ideas, but I'm not as experienced as many of you on here.

    I apologize if I left anything out, but this is WAAY too long as it is.

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    ride it with the seat off, there might be some water spraying into your carbs from the flange, at the exhaust, this could cause severe engine damage and cause your engine to bog.

    the water leak while standing still could be a few things, first check the carbon ring, the one that covers the driveshaft, wiggle it up and down and side to side, if you see water coming in this could be a problem.

    another thing that can cause a water leak while sitting (happened to me) is the exhaust outlet, make sure its tight, check that big plastic nut near the pump area.

    my recommendation to you is, to put it in the trailer, jack up the front of the trailer a bit. and fill the ski with water, not too much so you wont flood the engine, but enough to cover the driveshaft. Check for leaks

    last but not least the resonator could be cracked this could cause both a water leak and a bog, due to exhaust gases are being sucked through the carbs, the resonator is made out of pure p.o.s. plastic and will sometimes crack. The resonator will be found after the coupling that follows the exhaust pipe, and its before the waterbox.

    also do a compression test, while its cold, and open the throttle all the way.

    I also like to get rid of the old carbon seals and upgrade to a bearing seal carrier, they run about 40 bucks, but well worth the money, you wont cavitate and it wont wear as fast a carbon ring, just grease it after every ride.

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