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    1st time 550sx owner-need advice

    Hi there. Was recently given a kawa 550sx and would hate to see it go to waste. Need advice as this is my 1st stand up ski owned. What is it hould i look at and what minor mods can i do? I see that the throttle
    is the trigger type already. Have a few questions if you guys can help me out.
    1. I dont see any key, does this mean tht if i fall off, the ski will circle
    back my way?
    2. I assume this is a 2 stroke ski but do not see a oil reservoir, are they auto premix? What us a good ratio?
    3. Does it have a built in bilge pump?

    Jsut a few questions thanks. What else is there to consider in owning this ski?
    Thanks in advance.

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    quick checks, spark plugs, look at impeller and wear ring gap, edges of blades,
    fuel lines and carb- my first upgrades, scoop style intake grate, longer ride plate and definately handle bars, list goes on, and on
    -ski should circle, if steering cable is free and H-bars dont hit side of ski
    -correct, these are 2 stroke, so get yourself ratio rite from any motorcyle shop run it 40:1 gas/oil
    - bilge runs off jet nozzle, but an electric backup is good idea, (cheap insurance)

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    Thanks very much. Appreciate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joaqslam View Post
    Thanks very much. Appreciate it.
    Ride plate is a great first thing to do.

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