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    1996 Seadoo SPX - Bogging Down

    Hi there, I am new but when I research, I always end up here! I read a ton of great info on this forum and I am hoping I can find some help for my issue.

    So here is the deal, when I am out riding around, I lose power, it bogs hard core then it opens up wide and screams. Sometimes when I have it opened up, it will all of a sudden bog and almost stall. Most times however it happend when I am playing around from idel to opening it up, it may not even respond to holding the throttle down until 30 seconds, then will scream. I cleaned the carbs, changed the plugs, cleaned the intake box. The issue is the dashboard does not work at all! So I am going into this blind. I read that if I disconnect the red wire from the rectifier, and run it that it will not bog and you can pin point it on the rectifier. I did this, but it still bogged down.

    I bought it with a 2003 yamaha and basiclly got it for free with the tralier. I got an awesome steal on the two. The guy I bought it from really had no idea what was wrong with it but said he thinks the carb needed to be cleaned. Soooooo I am clueless at this point. I could keep replacing random parts, try to figure out what in the world is wrong with the dash and pray that one day I accidently fix it, or I could just bring it into the shop.

    It has a list of issues but when it is not bogging down it runs so damn good! LOL

    1. VTS no work at ALL! Not sure if its a power issue or motor needs to be changed

    2. Dashboard is useless, doesnt work other than the gas light stay on 24/7

    3. Heat sensor on top of motor is broken and disconnected (whoopsie that was my fault too much torque trying to remove it but I got it out and just need to replace it)

    4. boggging down bad!!

    Any help would be appreciated. I am not a big time mechanic but I can tinker and know my around the engine a little.


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    did you clean the internal fuel filters in the carbs when you cleaned them?

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    im thinking that you have a bad main ground. if you dont want to pull the motor to do this you can cut it off at the bottom of the engine and re attach a new on over under the carbs on the back of the mag cover. do you have a new battery in this also?

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    Interesting on the ground wire. I will have to inspect that. I only half-ass cleaned the carb and intake box. I have yet to replace the hoses and filters. That is on my list for maybe next weekend.

    Today when I had it opened up on the water, it screams and then bogs for a second and keeps screaming. It seems like I am not getting full power out of it but it is still really fast.

    I really wish I had an idea of what the issue is. I am suspecting that a good old cleaning of the entire fuel system may help?? I saw the tread on DYI fuel system clean /rebuild. I think that is my next step. Once that is all clean and filters and hoses are replaced, if it is still bogging down then I need to continue to try to figure it out.

    Should be interesting but this machine is so fun I feel that it is worth it!

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    yes, do the fuel system first. I am suspecting that this is the majority of your problem if not the whole. then if it is still doing it do the ground. make sure all connections are clean and not corroded.

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    I want to rip the carbs down and replace the fuel lines. Does anyone know if there is a guide somewhere? I ran Seafoam through the tank but still hesitating bad. I also noticed yesterday that when I open it up, its like the rev limiter is being hit the entire time.... Any thoughts?

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    I saw that thread. It is what sent me down this whole path I can not find anywhere on the site the breakdown of the carb for my ski. I am not sure where it is or how to get to it.. That is the info I need.. After that, I can clean away today

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    theres a mikuni carb manual on here somewhere, i know cause i printed it out and its sitting right next to me...ha

    just search i suppose, ill keep an eye out

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    My Jet Ski and a pic of the mess inside

    Still not able to figure out where the carbs are and how to get to them
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