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    Hello guys can a slx 788 1996 be faster?

    I'm trying to fix a slx 780 1996 I'm going to do a carb rebuild hose replace tank cleaning maybe reed replace if damage and much more but little by little. Can this machine run faster than 50 miles? and what i need to put in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cubajorge2008 View Post
    Can this machine run faster than 50 miles?
    Faster or farther?

    A stock SLX 780 should run around 54 MPH at 6500 RPM.

    They can be made to go faster, but will cost alot, and reliability starts to degrade.

    If you really want to go faster, start looking into another ski with a bigger engine.

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    I abolutely agree. There is stuff that can be done to go faster, but faster cost $$. It is usually cheaper to just get a faster ski to begin with.

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