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    Need help to fuel pressure


    I am making some mods to my stock RXP, my mods right now are as follows:

    Worx intake
    Solas 14/19 impeller bran new
    SS wear ring bran new
    XL intercooler
    4¨ front mounted air filter kit
    Blow of valve Kit
    Rotax Racing ECU
    through hull exhoust
    And ofcouse a rebuilded SC but with stock impeller

    I guess I will need to go with some bigger fuel injectores, but I have in mind maybe to do some more mods later. Would you advice me to go with 42 injectores or a fuel pressure regulator ? I would prefer a fprr but I am not sure how to adjust it as the engine is running correct. Ofcouse I would like to advoid a too lean mixture.

    Anyone who could tell me how to adjust it right ?

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    you better handle the valvetrain BEFORE you worry about the fuel...

    What is the RPM you are shooting for with the ECU ?

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    No more than 8200-8300 in the beginning. Later I will upgrade the valves and retainers but not now. Can I controll the max RPM by the fuel pressure since you ask that way ?

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