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    now seadoo put safe cable on there i cacth trailers

    went to my dealer today now seadoo sent him a safely cable to put on i cacth trailer kinder late for that after they did'nt have my trailer adjusted right and it bounced off the hook and went slideing down the road 100 ft brp needs to fix the bottom of my boat my dealer said hes tryingto make them fix it they knew they had a promblem with this that why they added a safety cable it should of been like that before i left with it i got to say the s3 hull are pretty tough if seadoo dont fix it am calling my attorney i told my dealer before i bought that trailer it need a safely cable now brp sending them out i not the only one this is happen to i read many post on here people ski falling off and brp does not make this trailer they get another company to make it and seadoo puts there name on it the trailer works great now it will be full proof with safey cable i want worry about it now coming off

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    i recall

    this was predicted when this wonder trailer first appeared.

    best of luck getting your ski repaired. don't accept "not our problem"

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