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    Controversy Surrounds Competing Race Tours

    Can the sport of personal watercraft racing handle two competing "national" tours? I've got some interesting comments from the people involved...

    Controversy Surrounds Competing Race Tours

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    Personally we DO NOT need a Tour! The sport is to small for a tour and it only hurts regional racing. Without regional racing there is NO tour!

    The regional promotors need to go out and get the sponsorships and money to have fairly decent payouts then you can build from there! Make the tour and invitational maybe like ya know Invite only?

    We are under one rulebook now and NO highpoints..why have two tours? why cant they combine and work together? Its like two little kids that want the same ball and both have no idea how to cooperate.

    Maybe they need to reair the episode on Sesame street where they sang and talked about COOPERATION.

    Just IMO!

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    Went to regional race this weekend most of the fast racers were at tour race this is really hurting local racing.

    The tours should be combined next year with 4 for each promoter.

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    Most people arent interested in racing one of the particular tours.

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    I am open minded to the dual tours and I see it as a positive for the sport since we are getting more races..I personaly dont care who does it and where they do it...If it is possible that I get there to help or participate i will be there....

    Now having said that, Stan, there is no way that they will be combined since there are 2 rule books being used at this time...And the bigger part is that most people have a personal issue with either of the promoters..Some people are pissed at one becasue he did something wrong to them back in 76 and the other guy had a bad hair day a few years ago and offended that racers wife or something like that....

    It is all personal preference and its all about the $$$$$

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    From what I understand the APBA is using the IJSBA rulebook now since they agreed to add the APBA's Pro-Am Ski Stock Spec

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