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    How to break in rebuilt 2 stroke

    Hello all. I have a friend with a 97 Yamaha GP760. He just had the top end done on it. How should he break in the "new" motor? I'm posting in the Sea doo forum, because you guys have given me good advice on breaking in my 09 GTX. I'm assuming he should do the same things, no real long WOT's, vary the RPM's, etc???? However, I don't know if 2 strokes have any different rules. I did tell him to mix the oil/gas a little rich for the first couple of tanks. Any other advice would be appreciated.

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    stay outta high rpms/speeds for the 1st few hours.

    you can get on it at low speeds tho....

    ski is oil injected but also add some to the gas for extra security on the 1st tank.

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