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    2004 Yamaha XLT1200 issue

    hey everybody hows it going? new to the thread,names Kyle.

    i have a 2004 Yamaha XLT1200.I went to put er in the water for the first of the season about a month ago.She ran fine for about an hour,then all of a sudden,dropped from about 50 to 20.Bogged hard and wouldnt go over round about 20mph.I idled around for a little bit,then tried again,it ran up to speed for about 2 minutes then bogged again and wouldnt go over about 20 for the rest of the day.

    Ive gone over all of the basics that i can think of,the only thing left i DONT feel like doing is pulling the carbs because it looks decently rude to get down to them.So if anyone has any ideas that could possibly save me from getting down to the carbs,or any words of encouragement i would appreciate it.

    Thanks alot!

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    its a fail safe to keep you from further damaging it!

    The fact that its bogging down in most cases is a safety measure they built in to keep you from doing further damage, when there is an issue (usually cooling or lube/oil) the motor goes into limp mode to get you home w/o ruining it! Its ok for a few minutes, and then the motor acknowledges the issue then throws you into limp mode. Are there working warning sensors to know if there is a cooling/lubrication issue? I would look there before anything else, a simple loose or pinched oil line (common for Yamaha)or excessive debris in the jet (leaves,bag or fishing line/rope) would interfere w/ jet operation and throw it in limp mode) not sure what pwc/boat you have (ls2000 or exciter) has access panel in rear to clean out debris that get sucked in...

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    There is no LIMP mode on an XLT1200.
    Check you compression and make sure you didnt blow a cylinder. It should be 120 psi. When checking make sure you keep the throttle at wide open and crank the started or 2-3 sec per test cylinder..

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