I have a 2000 yamaha gpr1200,now it has 29 original hours on it. When I got it this past winter it wasn't running,and had been in a storage building, sitting since 2001. I fixed the problem with it not running (check valve was stuck in the accelerator pump)_. I cleaned the carbs,replaced the plugs,replaced the gas, fuel filter, and installed a new battery. It runs now and sounds great.

When replacing the fuel filter the local yamaha dealer was closed,so I bought one from napa. Last weekend I took her out. After launching her and idling for a little bit I stabbed the throttle. It took of and started running like a bat out of hell all the way up to 63/64mph. After I let off of the throttle it started bogging down and ran 8 mph back to shore with a misfire. I noticed that yamaha has a very distinct fuel filter design, and the one from napa is round with a paper filter inside. I'm thinking that the napa filter isn't allowing enough fuel to the carbs. The spark has been checked and is 100%. I'm thinking that the problem is in the fuel filter and I was just wondering if it sounds like I diagnosed the problem correctly????? I just got off of the phone with the local yamaha dealer. They don't have the filters in stock, but they have some "aftermarket" filters for $14 that will be in thursday or friday. Any help would be appreciated