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    Limited GPR Part out

    I am considering parting out my limited legal GPR. The pipes, case and crank are not on the market. If there is enough interest, I will take photos and put a price list together. I am looking for $$$ not trades, need money for new project.

    Currently has the following:

    Riva billet heads with 33cc domes (2 - 3/8" fittings)
    Riva 48 mm power bomb carbs
    Riva Triple fuel pickup
    Dominator intake
    M-16 Reed Cages
    ProX 80 mm pistons with only a couple motos
    Cylinders with power valves only a couple of motos
    Skat Trak Mag Pump 12 vein (Not set back, Riva strainer with 1/2" fitting and additional 1/2" fitting tapped in to pump housing)
    Few different Skat swirl impellers (modded 13/19s)
    1200 steering set up (cable, wear ring and mid shaft)
    1300 steering set up (cable, wear ring, 2" spacer and mid shaft) 2" spacer and wear ring sold.
    R & D auto drop nozzle (Venturi nozzle is stock)
    R & D cdi
    Electrical box
    Waterbox, free flow exhaust and exhaust outlet
    UMI steering (sorry not the FatBar) Sold
    Riva fixed trim tabs
    R&D intake grate and pump shoe sold
    Stock ride plate
    I'm sure I am missing something. This is off of a very fast and competitive GPR.

    If you see something that interests you, let me know. I would like to have a majority of this spoken for before I proceed with the complete tear down. I don't want to waste my time, so $1,500 for the lot is not a good offer.


    Bill Jellison
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    Interested in the Skat pump and props. Shoot me some pics and a price.

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    PM Sent

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    the intake grate is 1200 or 800 how much shipped to 33015 if 1200 and the 13/19 props are for 1200 or 1300 will any work on my HO pump???? PM me very interested

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    Would you sell just the 2" pump extension?

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerdart View Post
    Interested in the Skat pump and props. Shoot me some pics and a price.
    pm sent.

    All others pm's replied too.

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    how much for the carbs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PwRToyZ View Post
    how much for the carbs?

    PM sent.

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    PM sent on cylinders.

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    are you selling the hull?

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