I have a 01 gp1200r with 163 hrs. I bought it three years ago with two dead cylinders. Oil lines came off. I did the top end removed the cat put in the plate and chip. This year I put it in the water with new plugs, I also bypassed the fuel switch and went directly to the reserve pick up and removed the trap door, and it is now fowling plugs. It bogged badly so I decarbed the engine with seafoam gas mix. I ran well for a while but I am now about to put in my third set of plugs. Am I stupid or is it time to do the carbs? I do not think they have ever been done. If so should I just put kits in or should I send them to bill and let him do his thing. They do not have adjusters in them and they are bone stock. It is a rec ski as I have teenage kids and I dont want it to go faster but after reading about lean conditions in the stock carbs I am worried. I do long distance riding on the ski and I want it to work well. I also pre mix at 40 to one .