well waveeaters were put in( btw, one side of the coupler would not slide all the way into the pv shaft, wtf). any way took it out yester day with a full tank of new gas and oil. and from idle to 3k it sounds like its only firing on one cylinder. wont go above 14mph. every once in a while it would kick in for a second, a burst of power and die back down. i shut it off started it again and had to blip the throttle all the way to wide open but once i would get abouve 3 grand she would pull smooth all the way to 7k. after 3 half mile runns up and down the bay i could idle smooth, and accelerate all the way wide open with no problem. not sure if the plugs are bad already?? while i had the exhaust manifold off waitn foe my wave eaters and exhaust gasket to arive, i was afraid of crap getting into my pisons so i put rags in the exhaust ports. after re assembly i diddnt want the first start up to be dry so i put a table spoon of 2 sroke oil in each plug hole. could that of messed up the plugs? but then why would it run ok warm. ( when i got home to flush it it did the same missfire, wouldnt idle crap)? any ideas. when this ski runs its awsome 53 mph and im 205lbs pulls real hard. its a 2000 xl800 with 65 hrs