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    Lightbulb 2002 Polaris virage 700 hesitation (please help)

    I've been fighting the same problem on my 02 polaris virages since I bought the ski a few years back. The initial problem was the ski would start up and idle fine but when trying to give it gas, it would stall. If you somehow pumped the gas and got it above 2.5-3k (RPMs) the thing would take off. This of course got a little easier to manover once the engine heated up to normal temp but you always had to give it full throttle off the start or it would stall. I replaced the green gook fuel lines and rebuilt the carb (several times) but get the same result. The pop off pressure was right around 18-20psi. Recently, the ski has a hard time starting. There's actually a trick to it now. If you pump the gas at just the right time it will start. Checked the compression and it's even on both cylinders. The jet ski reachs around 53-55mph at top speed and has plenty of power above 3-4k rpms. I seen a few forums talk about engine timing. Is this easy to check? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.... PLEASE HELP!!!!

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    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! The ski is a single carb

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    Question I'm begging for help...

    I forgot to mention that I replaced the reeds and it did appear to make the ski a little more responsive , it didn't fix the hesitation. According to the owners manual, the 02 Virage requires a Keihin LE Carb were everyone I seen was a CDKII. Not sure if that would make a difference?

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    Did you ever get the problem fixed. I'm having the same issue. Thanks

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    Try pinching off the return line and see if it gets better. If it does, you are pretty well assured of a fuel delivery issue.

    Check for clear and operating pulse lines (not sure if the member above checked this or not).
    Change fuel lines, and check for kinks or restrictions-correct as needed.
    Fuel pressure readings would really help but I know this is tough witrh the pump on the carb.
    Clean the filter inside the carb.
    Replace the fuel filter.
    Check that pop off is within spec.
    But most of all check that the accelerator pump is working!! You should be able to see the fuel inject into the carb on acceleration with the flame arrestor off. Wear safety glasses and be careful of fuel and spark in the engine compartment.

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    I found the problem with my Polaris Virage CDK II and the hesitation when you give it gas. After two rebuilds, new fuel lines ect. The brass fitting that enters the side of the carb at the top for the accelerator pump jet has a check ball and spring in it. If the check valve is dirty or stuck open it will allow air to back feed into the line and the accelerator pump will not draw fuel from the carb. The fitting is two brass pieces pressed together but it will come apart. This problem drove me nuts all last year and this spring. I hope this will help others with the same problem

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    Any Idea where I could get the check ball. My spring is there but there is no ball. would it come in a rebuild kit?

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    I know this is an old post but sirdave were you able to get your virage working correctly? I am having similar issues and I have rebuilt the carb and replaced a fuel lines; good compression in both cylinders.

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