I got a 2004 3seat turbo hond aquatrax with a little over 200 hours on it,all of the services done since I purchased the ski new in 2004 ocean ran it's whole life but everytime I used the ski I completely washed the ski top to borrow and used salt away...... Everytime now I am haveing a problem with the ski when at idle she is fine when the ski is in the water or has a load it is dogging out, I took it the the only dealer in Hawaii and they told me that it's dumping to much fuel into the plugs. They cannot find a problem of why this is happening I replaced the plugs and it has been running ok but not like I feel it was or should. The thought was maybe the ecu is going bad before I replace the ecu as a guess I would like to see if anyone has run into this problem also the only dealer does not have a testing tank I find out in the ocean if there's a problem. Anythoughts let me know thank u