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    Fuel Leak At Rude RRFPR

    Need to find out where I can get replacement parts
    for my RRFPR adapter piece that goes to gas tank.

    Since I took it all apart this spring to put on
    The aftermarket fuel rail with gauge at rail,
    it leaks
    Think I might just be the orings, but not 100% sure at
    this point, so I will start there if I can find them.

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    Are you using teflon tape to seal the threads?

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    +1, Thats the way I could stops leaks on mine.

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    I am using AN fittings and yes, teflon tape.
    It's leaking where the actual regulator goes into
    the pick up assembly. I just assume it's the O rings
    on the Rude unit..
    I will double check everything out. Just wanted to
    be able to buy new O rings if anyone has part numbers or

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