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    Stock or Aftermarket Impellar, 04 GTXSC 185HP NON-IC'd

    Hey guys, I'm a newb on here. I figured maybe someone has something floating around. Basically took in rocks last season, doing wear ring and want to pick up a spare impellar so I always have a backup for this season.

    My Ski is a 04, GTX 185HP SC, NON-IC'd, Riva Cold Air Intake, Green Wheel Supercharger Upgrade...

    Basically looking for a stock impellar that can get me through the season, while I send my current one out to be repaired. If someone has an aftermarket performance one, I will most definetely consider that as well.

    Thanks in advance, and with my busy work hours, I might not check on here often. All my e-mails go direct to my phone, so feel free to e-mail direct with anything you have.

    jordan at

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    my apologies, wrong forum. Please delete.

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