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    Silicon seal question

    I had to rebuild the pump because the bearings close to the pump cone had water in that little housing area. Should I run a little bead of silicon on the cone to seal it up this time?? Its the first time I pulled the pump since the rebuild 4 seasons ago. Ski only has 25 hours on the entire rebuild. Motor, carbs drive etc.

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    Make sure the large o-ring inside the stator sleeve is in very good condition. Replace if there is any doubt. Lightly grease the o-ring before re-assembling.

    Also check the tail cone for hairline cracks.

    Polaris has a rubber gasket seal that you can install between the tail cone and the stator.

    I think you can add this extra tail cone seal to any 1994 or later 148mm modular jet pump. The Polaris part number is 5811984 (Seal, Tail Cone)

    You can see it here;

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    Yes, you can use some rtv sealant on the pump cone to the stator. Just make sure the matting surfaces are good a clean/grease free.

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    Just remember if you silicone, removing at a later date may be a pain.
    I will usually use a fresh O ring and some non rubber attacking grease.

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