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    Long drive for a f-15x

    As an original 02 f-12x owner I have been following the new f-15x threads with envy. Lots of searching lead me to a person selling an 08 with 12 hours and 8 months old so still under warranty. Problem was only time I could finish this was at 6pm on 5/31. Yea memorial day. Second problem. 455 miles one way. Took 10 seconds to say yes.

    920 miles later at 1.45am returned with my new ride.

    Looking with bad intent at macboosts web site and the video.

    Yes the price was that good. Oh well. Cleaning the 02 to sell with the nice trailer that was under the 08.

    He was over it. Dirty and out of gas. Dead battery. Starts fine after a charge. What a beautifully made large watercraft.

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    you will love it !

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    Need another one. Bob. To replace my seadoo 4 tech sc

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