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    '07 GTI 4 tec leaks

    Anyone got any answers on how to stop GTI from leaking around the driveshaft? Pulled it all out, checked O rings, carbon ring, support ring, bellow that covers all this. Still have water coming in from this area. Seems to me like there should be something else where the carbon ring and support ring fit together, seeing how there is nothing to keep water from coming in. Any suggestions?

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    Was there a c-clip?

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    yes c clip okay. Is there a plug that goes on the end of the drive shaft? Also have oil coming from the back of engine where the driveshaft attaches. According to diagrams everything seems to be in place (with the exception of this plug on the end of shaft). Pulled this apart for the third time, without success. Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated. thanks, Lori

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    Yes there is, it pushes onto the end of the drive shaft...the end that goes into the engine.

    It`s like a little bumper to stop the end of the shaft banging into components inside the engine. With this rubber cap on, the drive shaft would be held back a bit, possibly 3 or 4 mm. It certainly needs to be on there.

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