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    1050/700 Cylinder Heads!!!!!

    Hey guys I have 2 heads here and I can't figure out what they are from and what they fit. The part numbers are all worn off. One measures close to 81 mm and one 82 mm accross the dome. The thickness is also different. I can't figure out what they fit. The machine came in with 2 of the same heads and one different one and it is blown up I have a feeling it could possibly be caused by the heads being incorrect? It is a SLXH 1050

    Here are the pictures any help is greatly appreciated just trying to get this machine back on the water!

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    Hard to tell, but in the pictures Head "A" without the tag, LOOKS like a higher compression head.

    I can almost make out the part #'s on the heads,try harder to read them.
    The polaris engines went from 81mm to 84 mm. So I would say the one that measured 82mm was opened up for an overbored engine.

    The 3022025 is the lowest compression head and the 98 should have them.And the 98 carbs are set abit lean,if the higher comp head was on the cylinder that went out,
    Service manual says it is 44.6cc volume.

    The 3022050 is a higher compression, 40.8cc

    Only other option would be 3022034, 40.7cc

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