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    Post GP760 porpoising

    I thought I had read in the forums about a fix for the porpoising prob I have with a 97 gp760. I think it said to add two washers under the front of the ride plate and one washer under the back. Has anyone heard of this or tried it, and does it work/help?

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    Lightbulb ????????

    Hey there...

    Hit the search button..

    In advanced search type porpoising then click search in forums:. Yamaha old school..

    You WILL have all the information you could ever need to resolve your problem..!!

    Get searching..


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    That set up works for my GP 1200 but may not work in your situation. Try some washers under the rear ride plate bolts, this will force the nose down and hopefully decrease your porpoising and adjust your sponsons all the way down. I had the bouncing prob with my GP as well. Upgrades your gonna want to look into are: top loader intake grate, extended steering nozzle, longer ride plate, and new trim tabs. I had success with an intake grate and plate, got rid of most my porpoising. Just experiment with washers on your plate and sponsons before you spend any money, just a suggestion.

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