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    Exclamation carb settings and over heating

    i have a 96 sl 700 and it is the red motor i just got running after it was stolen and stripped 2 years ago i got it all back to getter and now when i take it out im trying to set the carbs but i dont know what the settings should be for the high and low and where it the high and low on the carb [top or bottom] and this thing is over heating when i ride it at full throttle for more then 3 to 5 min. and now the rear water box and rearhose are getting so hot the paint is buring off but the motor is not that hot nor is the exhaust pipe when i noticed the smoke coming from the water box so help please i would like to get this jet ski on the water its been over 2 year it would be nice thanks josh here is a pic

    this is what it look like before stolen

    this is what i had to work with

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    any help just carb settings or whatever you all can help me with please

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    tke your water box of and check for clogs and leaks..

    also there is a small hose that connects too the top of the exaust take that off and check for cloggs

    click the link in my sig for helpfull info!

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    thanks i will check that now i need to know the carb settings and where the high and low is on the carbs

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    i am notsure on the carb settings off hand.. but should be able to find it in the info in the link

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    Factory Setting by Manual
    1996 SL700/SLT700

    Main jet #80
    Mid-Range Jet #70
    Slow Jet #55

    High Speed – 1-1/2
    Low Speed – 5/8

    Idle Speed (in water) 1250-1300 RPM
    Needle & Seat Pop Off Pressure 20-24 PSI

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    Welcome to Green Hulk.

    The carb screws are Low speed -at the bottom of carb.
    High speed at top of carb. The cover on the engine side of the carbs is also marked with " L '" and " H " , about a 1/2 inch from the screws.

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