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    Question Oil Warning

    I have a 2002 GTX 4-Tec and it recently overheated when the coolant pump discharge hose came off during a ride. After putting the hose back on and changing the oil I am now getting an "oil" warning after running it for about 2 minutes and increasing rpms. Checked compression on each cylinder and getting good numbers (190 - 200 psi). Anyone know what could be causing the "oil" warning?

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    This was a pita on the exact same ski that my wife has. We ended up changing both the oil pressure switches on the ski.

    There is one on the front of the engine, on the oil scavenge pump housing and one on the side of the engine block, under the intake manifold, that`s the hardest one to change.

    We ended up just changing the two of them as they are quite a common part to fail. Once we changed them out the ski hasn`t given us any bother since... that was over a year ago.

    Although our ski never overheated, we did have issues with the oil light, as you describe. Sometimes we had to idle about on the ski for what seemed like ages, before we could ride it hard.

    I`m sure others my chime in but the switches are relatively inexpensive, so i would start there, it may be something as simple as that.

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    Thanks heckie! Would you happen to have the part numbers for the two switches?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kavawho View Post
    Thanks heckie! Would you happen to have the part numbers for the two switches?
    Yes the part No`s are as follows. Oil Pressure Switch, 290256777 priced at $26.99 and Oil Pressure Switch, 290256880 priced at $27.49. You can purchase both of these here in the store, OE Replacement Parts Store.

    The first one listed, is the one that fits below the Air Intake, on the back of the engine block and the second one is the one that fits onto the Oil Separator housing itself.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks! I'll let you know.

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    Seldom seen too many probs with the scavenge pump switch, it is usually the connector has corroded in them.

    Best bet is the one under the intake. They have a disease, and almost all seem to get it.

    Always make sure the connector is dry,clean etc. This is a common problem where oil or water gets in to the 1 pin connector. Very fussy connection this one.

    Easy change. 21mm 3/8 plug socket, 4" extn and small ratchet. Take off the connector, clean, and double clean... and the inside of the switch too.

    Make sure no crud gets into the oil-way at all times. Best to blow around it with air-line first to keep sand etc from fallin' too close.

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